Spring Schedule:

Game Night! Every second Friday of the month.

Positive Politics Potluck. Every third Friday of the month.

Movie Night! Every fourth Friday of the month.



Below is a list of monthly events that we would like to add to our calendar depending on your interest!

Making Skills Class – These classes will have a pre-selected project that everyone works on. Each class will leave you with new skills. What might we make? Everything from shaker peg rails and wall mounted clothes drying racks, to toys fashioned from trash. Let us know if there is something that you would really like to learn and we will look for a teacher.

Mending Skills Class – Just like the making classes, but for mending. Youtube is a great resource for mending tutorials, we’ll introduce you to great channels while we work together to learn how to fix what’s broke. Potential topics include DIY shoe repair, small electronics, and fixing stuck zippers, lost buttons, holes, stains, and everything else that can go wrong with clothes.

Community Dance – We’ll line up a great playlist or some live music. You come and move. Different styles will be explored.

Community Dinner – Some of my earliest memories are of awesome Northwest potlucks. I would love to keep that tradition alive for the next generation.

Acoustic Music Jam + open mic – Share some songs or instrumental music, read or recite a poem, dust off your juggling skills or magic tricks. Original work is wonderful, but shining a light on others is great too!