The Community General Store hosts a range of activities and events selected to build relationships of mutual support among members, help members discover new ways of living well with less, and help members experience abundance with what they already have. Everyone is invited to share their own skills at informal events, and all staff members are empowered to lead groups and classes in their own areas of interest and expertise. If we can’t find a homegrown teacher for a topic of interest, we bring in an outside teacher to share their deep knowledge of that specific topic. We do what we can to insure that these teachers don’t stay outsiders for long!

We love to shine a light on activities that have improvisational and collaborative forms, activities that require no materials, and activities that reduce the need to throw things away. All of this helps our members to create homes and lives filled with more joy and less stuff!

Recurring activities build strong relationships and healthful rhythms into our lives. Explore all that is on offer on our calendar, or check out the pages dedicated to daily, weekly, monthly, and annual events.