Our free store is housed in a large cabinet near our entry. All members are invited to offer up items that they are no longer using or enjoying, and to accept the generosity of the community when they find something in the free store that they need. Together we encourage a healthy flow of stuff through our community by using this space.

Since we are just getting started, the free store is currently open to all donations that will fit! We would also love to hear from you about what would make this space really useful for your family. What do you have way to much of? What would you like more of?

In the future, we will have a calendar that shows upcoming themes. The calendar will help members learn to survey their collections periodically and give to others in a gentle, mindful and gradual way – a corrective to the common pattern of accumulating “stuff” to the point of overwhelm, and then dumping it at the Goodwill or in a dumpster, all at once.

Our upcoming themes are:
Toys and Games
Stationary and Office Supplies
Camping and outdoor recreation
Gardening and Yard Maintenance
Woodworking and home repair
Infant items for the first year
Jewelry, scarves, bags, and accessories
Tools and supplies for textile arts