Large Luminous Thing

The collection of luminous things is filled with handcrafted objects that illuminate the hidden wonders inside ourselves and the world. This collection has been carefully curated to reinforce our themes of resilience, growth, and transformation and to encourage a compassionate connection to nature and our fellow human beings.

Attention has also been paid to including items that nourish all of the human senses from our sense color, to our sense of humor. This collection includes things as diverse as pottery and basketry, hand pulled prints, original drawings and paintings, calligraphy, artist made books and zines, mobiles, small sculpture, jewelry, acoustic musical instruments, toys, stained glass sun catchers, and small lamps.

We are currently selecting and purchasing pieces for our Luminous collection. You can get a taste for the collection we hope to build by viewing the gallery below. Or visit our online inventory system to see all of what is currently available. We are just getting started adding inventory into the system, so this is seed of what is to come.

All art from the collection will be loaned on a first-come-first-served basis. Members will be able to visit the gallery space, browse all of the available inventory, and borrow a treasure the day that they find it.


   zafu-meditation-cushion   childrens-leaf-mask