Wrenches on French blue

The collection of helpful things is filled with high quality household objects that help you do things in the world. Particular attention has been paid to including items that encourage care and maintenance of our material things, enable community gatherings, and increase joy through play and creativity.

Items that are a good fit for this collection are those that are predictably used intermittently or for short periods of time – these include everything from food dehydrators to sewing machines, luggage, and fishing tackle. Another group of items that are a good fit for this collection are things where most members use one regularly, but occasionally they require six – these include pie plates and folding chairs.

We are just getting started with adding items into our online inventory system. What is available now is only the seed collection, but you are welcome to browse through it. Please let us know if we are missing items that you would love to see included!

Premium members can reserve any item from the up to one month in advance. Other membership levels allow for reservations on certain types of items where planning ahead is the norm, these include luggage and backpacking equipment.