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Memberships to the Community General Store make great gifts! They are particularly lovely for parents of young children, graduates anticipating a gap year, homeschooling families, recent retirees, tiny house enthusiasts, and friends new to our city or neighborhood.

All gift memberships are good for a period of 3 months from when they are activated by the recipient. At the end of the gift membership the recipient will be invited to become a regular member at any membership level, and enjoy a 10% discount off of the regular membership price for the life of their membership.

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Gift memberships include access to a particular subset of our collection and access to related events. All gift memberships include a fun paper-art object that can be wrapped and given as the gift. We can mail this token directly from our shop, already gift-wrapped, and include a handwritten note with your chosen text. Upcoming themes for gift memberships include:

Shelter – Beautiful umbrellas + Workshop on knitting scarves and hats.
Warmth – Handcrafted Ceramics for tea + Workshop on baking for teatime.
Light – Handcrafted lamps and luminaries + Workshop on lighting Feng Shui.
Movement – Artistic mobiles + Workshop on Dance Improvisation.
Words – Art featuring inspirational text + Workshop on storytelling.

Through our Community Giving Program we donate gift memberships to local schools and non-profits for their fundraising events. We especially love to support schools and non-profits working right here in our West Seattle neighborhood! We also love to support any Seattle area non-profits that promote a compassionate, inclusive, and hopeful response to current environmental and social problems. Please tell us about non-profits that you support that could use our help!

We are also happy to help you Give a Gift to a Current Member by picking up their membership fee for their birthday month, or picking up the ongoing cost of a membership upgrade. This is a great option for friends and family (we are smiling at you grandparents) who live out of town, and want to show their love with beautiful gifts while also supporting the efforts of their loved ones to live more joyfully with less waste.