I want to make it as easy to borrow beautiful, high quality things in our communities, as it is to buy “pretty good” ones on the internet.

I want to make it as easy to share the value that we have accumulated in our possessions, with our community, as it is to hide that value in a closet or a mini storage unit.

I want to make it as easy to share our cultural knowledge and human warmth, face to face, as it is to share memes and articles through social media.

This is what the Community General Store is all about. We are a team that is building a structure that will support our own growth, and then we are sharing it. I hope that you all come and dive right in. I hope that you use the space with joy and abandon. That you move in it and breathe in it, and make it a living space for all of us, full of surprises that bring both challenge and delight. And that together we make our world a brighter, warmer, more beautiful place that accepts and nourishes life.