We are honored to be a part of a diverse community, both our local Seattle community, and our worldwide community of dreamers and changemakers. We recognize that every person contributes, in their own way, every day. We are so grateful for this! If you would like to support our endeavor in a more direct and structured way, we welcome that support!

  • You can contribute needed items for our collection through our Donations page.
  • You can contribute time and skills through our Artist Residencies and fellowships for Teachers and Fixers. We are also developing an internship program focused on community building and cooperative business operations. Check back soon for more details!
  • The best way for the local community to contribute is to become a member of CGS. Members give and receive ongoing support, including sharing skills as well as things. They are the heart and soul of what we do, and we couldn’t do it without them. Please consider becoming a member, and let us know what would seal the deal for you!