The Community General Store is a vision for a combination of space, community, and services that works together to support people in their intention to live a life that is more joyful and less wasteful of the earth’s resources and the human spirit.

We support our members by providing access to objects and experiences that enrich their lives, strengthen their families and communities, and nourish their capacities for resilience, growth and transformation.

Our members support us by enabling us to create livelihoods that are self-directed, full of opportunities for growth and the development of mastery, and deeply connected to a larger purpose.

Together we can create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible!


We are currently completing renovations to our new space! Our first store will be located in the Delridge neighborhood of Seattle, WA. With this store we hope to experiment and build a successful model that can be replicated by independent co-operative groups wherever there is a need and the community will to meet that need.